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Christine Parrish, SMOC has completely changed my life. I say “YES” to being active.

Upon moving to Suffolk in 1989, I became a household name around Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center (SMOC). When asked to share my patient story, I was honored because these surgeons have completely changed my life. I know, without a doubt, that I would never have been able to continue my active lifestyle, without the care of these exceptional doctors.


The first experience I had with SMOC was in the 1990s, when I broke my left arm playing volleyball. Dr. DiStasio was the first doctor I thought to call because our children went to school together, and Dr. DiStasio had an impeccable reputation. He treated me like I was family.Shortly after the cast was removed, I had a tendon snap in my arm. I went back to SMOC to see Dr. DiStasio and he shared with me that Dr. Iiams’, an orthopedic hand specialist who was also my neighbor at the time,was joining the SMOC family. I immediately walked over to Dr. Iiams’ house in complete despair because I lost the use of my hand.

He reassured me that he and Dr. DiStasio could preform the tendon transfer surgery together and that I would be back to normal in no time. Well, he was right! After surgery, I attended my physical therapysessions and my hand started working perfectly again.

Throughout the years of playing softball and tennis, I injured my knees.I visited Dr. Romash for pain in my left knee in 2004.He performed a successful arthroscopic surgery for a meniscal tear and restored the natural motion of my knee. He also pointed out that I had arthritis in my knee and the trouble would probably continue in the future. In2009, I saw Dr. Fox for my right knee. He performed arthroscopic surgery to repair a meniscal tear allowing me to get back on the tennis courts shortly after. All of these surgeons are extremely professional and wise in their suggestions, yet they always have the best interest of the patient in mind.

They both knew I needed to be active, and they worked diligently to help me achieve that.

My most recent surgery, a total knee resurfacing, took place in November 2014 at Sentara Obici Hospital. My left knee was bone on bone according to my x-rays and MRI ordered and evaluated by Dr. Bevilacqua. Prior to surgery, Dr. Bevilacqua and I discussed my options and medical history, and with his trusted advice, I scheduled the surgery.

I chose Dr. Bevilacqua because of his impeccable reputation as a surgeon. With his experience in our United States Armed Forces repairing knees for paratroopers, I had unwavering confidence that he was the doctor for me. My decision to have this surgery was not to just be able to walk, but to also be able to play competitive tennis again without pain. Dr. “Bev” understood my love for tennis as he plays tennis too.

The preliminary care I received prior to my surgery was excellent! I was enrolled in a series of educational classes and was given literature to read so I knew what to expect before, during and after the surgery.After surgery, I went through 12 weeks of physical therapy.Dr. Bevilacqua was directly connected to the physical therapy team every step of the way. I was blessed with a phenomenal doctor and staff, hospital experience, and physical therapy experience. I applaud Dr. Bevilacqua for his “take charge” bedside manner, his recommendations to the hospital and to the physical therapy practice. To be honest, this was a tough surgery and recovery, and at times I didn’t know what to expect from my progress.During my appointments, I was continually encouraged by Dr. Bev and one of the SMOC’s technicians, Johnny.

I am proud to say that approximately 4 months from my surgery, March 10th, I played two sets of competitive tennis with NO pain! I am finally able to “Say Yes” to playing regularly again.Mission accomplished, Dr. Bev.Thank you so much!

SMOC has not only taken great care of me but my sons who played football, lacrosse, soccer, snowboarding, you name it! Of course, they got hurt.Dr. Iiams treated broken hands, collarbones, arms, and shoulders for both boys.My youngest son has been seen so many times that he was inspired to pursue a career as an orthopedic surgeon. He is currently in the process of applying to medical schools. Over the years, they have taken care of my extended family members, too.I love it when I can refer friends and family to the doctors at SMOC.

What I love about SMOC is that no matter what part of your body you injure, they have a specialist that carries an impeccable history of experience and reputation in that specialty.The physicians in this practice are experts in their fields. They all did their very best to honor my desire to stay active, not only for my love of sports but also for my career as a busy real estate agent.

After my most recent surgery I said to Dr. Bev; “ Dr. Bev this is my 4th surgery in this medical practice”. His reply was simply, “ Christine we will have to tattoo SMOC on your shoulder.”I’m still waiting for my appointment for that!
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